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Remote Learning at Rodmersham

The ‘remote curriculum’ is the broad term encompassing any learning that happens outside of the classroom, with the teacher not present in the same location as the children. The way in which our remote curriculum is delivered depends upon what content is being delivered and the age and stage of the children:

  • Online learning where the curriculum is delivered via technology such as Class Dojo, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This can include ‘live’ lessons as well as pre-recorded videos and/or resources to support children’s learning to complete either online or in a paper-based exercise book at home for all children across the school.

  • Home learning packs which provide a range of varied activities to support and enhance learning.

  • Sign posting families to external apps and websites that would further support engagement in remote learning.


Teachers will provide a timetable with a summary of each lesson that will take place. Links will be provided in this timetable to where parents and children can find the online teaching videos and resources for each lesson. The expectations of lessons each day will be prescribed by the staff in line with the schedules that can be found in the home learning packs.


Click on the image for a Parent's Guide to Microsoft teams

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