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Handwriting at Rodmersham

 At Rodmersham we use Write Well.  WriteWell is a complete course designed to guide children from their first steps in mark-making towards the development of secure, fluent and comfortable joined handwriting that can be adapted for a range of purposes and tasks. Supporting the statutory requirements for handwriting, it provides a consistent basis for teaching and learning this complex skill from Reception to Year 6.


WriteWell follows a developmental model that splits learning into four discrete stages based on the National Handwriting Association’s ‘S Factors for Success’: (1) Shape, (2) Space, size and sitting on the line, (3) Stringing together and slant, (4) Speed and style


Children begin the programme when they are developmentally ready and progress at their own pace as their handwriting skills flourish. ‘Ready to Go’ assessments and intervention resources help the teacher to decide whether or not each child is ready to move on to the next stage.

There are a range of videos for you to follow so that you can help your child to progress at their own pace in their handwriting.  You can see an example below and access the rest of the videos here.

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