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Rodmersham is an outstanding school where pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their future lives. The school is led by an inspirational headteacher and a highly skilled and dedicated team of staff who are well supported by the governing body. One pupil’s words summed up the views of others when saying, ‘Our headteacher is very active and great fun, the school would not be complete without him.’

Pupils are known and treated as individuals. This contributes greatly to why relationships are very harmonious and why this is an exceptionally happy and inclusive school. The promotion of equal opportunities is at the core of all that the school does; this aspect of the school’s work is also outstanding. Pupils explained, and inspectors endorse, that teaching is often fantastic, everyone is kind and helpful and, activities are fun and challenging. The quality of teaching, learning and the care provided, together with the curriculum, are all judged to be outstanding. There is a superb partnership with parents and carers.

Parents, carers and pupils are delighted with the school and feel that there is an excellent partnership, so that everyone is working together to do the best for the pupils. Pupils are an immense credit to themselves, their parents, carers and their school because they almost always behave exceptionally well and show respect and kindness to others. Moreover, they are enthusiastic and hardworking.

As a consequence of the highest quality leadership, which includes very rigorous self- evaluation, the school has improved in a very impressive way. It has moved up two grade boundaries since its last inspection. Almost all areas of school life show marked change for the better. Most notably, there has been a rapid rise in the attainment and progress of all groups of pupils, including the most able and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. This has resulted in a three year pattern of high attainment and outstanding achievement. Pupils’ awareness about how to adopt healthy lifestyles is a particularly impressive element of their wider personal development and is enriched by the many opportunities for sport, exercise, emotional well-being, fresh air and healthy eating.

Based on the impact of leaders’ work in two and a half years, the school has an exceptionally strong capacity to continue improving and provides outstanding value for money because the outcomes for pupils are superb. Even so, leaders are never complacent and always want to do even more, as they are constantly looking for ways to fine-tune the school’s improvement even further. At the moment, they are correctly exploring ways to extend the internal school accommodation, as it is far too cramped for the rising numbers of pupils attending the school.

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