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Welcome to the parent section of the  website......

Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with parents is central to ensuring a child’s success. Whilst school reports and parents’ evenings provide a great opportunity to engage in dialogue about your child’s achievements and attainments, it is always better to tackle issues as they occur throughout the year. Positive communication with parents enables you to support and encourage your  children at home and at Rodmersham our open door policy enables you to feel that you will be heard.

Very often the little things that happen at school can mean the world to parents: and we try to make the extraordinary out of the ordinary, cherishing the little wins that take place every single day. Parents know their child best and just as you establish clear routines for your children at home, as teachers, we also have the highest expectations for our learners, showing pupils every single day that we believe in them and that we care about them.


We demonstrate mutual respect in our verbal and non-verbal interactions, seeking out ways that we can offer positive, specific praise which will motivate your children, inspiring them to achieve their potential.

One of the best resources we can access as teachers is the knowledge, wisdom, and support of our parents/carers. It is important that we work collaboratively so that we can maximise the academic and pastoral outcomes of children and young people. Nobody knows a child better than their loved ones; we need to listen and learn from parents and guardians, encouraging open and honest conversations which allow everyone to work together in the best interests of the child.


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