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Breakfast and Care Club

Breakfast Club
Our Breakfast Club runs every day from 8 a.m. It is held in the village hall, and Mrs Croucher is in charge—she is a school cook, so she is amazing at cooking! Foods typically available are toast, cereal, porridge, sausages, scrambled eggs, fruit, and yoghurts. Fruit juice is also available. 
The cost of Breakfast Club is £3 per child per day.

After Care Club
Mr Cox runs our After-Care Club. The children enjoy lots of fun activities, and when the weather is great, they can spend time outside. We provide small snacks such as humous and pitta bread, crackers, toast, fruit, and yoghurts after the Club finishes at 5:30.  
The cost of After Care Club is £6 per child per night.

Both must be booked before attending through Dojo or the school office.

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