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Our Curriculum Intent

At Rodmersham our concept curriculum aims to provide our children with the ability to be:

Independent, creative, reflective, team workers and enthusiastic, effective and confident participators.

The aim of our curriculum is for children to learn and to remember more; through carefully considered retrieval practices of curriculum concepts, robust planning and with an emphasis on feedback.  Our children are given opportunities to take accountability for their learning by knowing how to mark their own work and the work of others in a constructive way.  They also guide our curriculum through their pupil voice to contribute to the framework of it and to have some ownership over what and how they are learning.  Our children know the importance of extending and actively using a widening vocabulary.

Our children ask questions to extend and challenge their thinking and the thinking of others with confidence and adapt their ideas accordingly. They actively listen to others.

  The exploration of new skills and experiences help to nurture resilience, curiosity and creativity and a strong sense of personal development is encouraged in everyone.

   Our overall aim is to ensure that all children leave Rodmersham not only prepared for the next step of their school career but to be caring, confident and resilient students who thrive on challenge.  They will embrace global issues and be well prepared for the world beyond education.

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