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Health and Fitness at Rodmersham

We take our health and fitness here at Rodmersham very seriously! 

In the past couple of years we have invested our Sports Funding in equipment to enhance the provision at Rodmersham, and we recently acquired an outside gym, which the children love. To ensure that we use this equipment to its potential we have recruited the help of a qualified personal trainer, Mr Cox, who teaches our children to improve their personal best and increase our stamina.

Mrs Henderson and Mr Cox are our Sports leaders, helping the staff strengthen their subject knowledge, skills and talents in the teaching of PE.  We use the Chris Quigley, concept curriculum to support the teaching and learning of PE, and this helps us to build on prior knowledge and skills as children travel through the school. 

The children get to participate in many different clubs and out of school activities including football, rounders, silent disco, dancing and ball skills, and they are very well attended by the children.  We also though, strive to provide a more holistic approach to health and fitness, by providing cross curricular activities to promote healthy eating and positive mental health.  We also enhance the curriculum with a range of cooking lessons, enabling the children to learn about healthy foods and to promote cross curricular skills such as maths.

Our PSHE curriculum helps to support the mental health of the children, and it highlights who they should talk to if they feel low or worried.  Additionally, our lovely lady from Talk Time, provides counselling for those children who would like it.

Our most recent Sports Funding document can be found by clicking on this link and we look forward, to sharing on this page, more about our Sports Awards, Sports Day and how we are celebrating National Sports Week.




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