School Council

There are 8 children in our School Council. One child from every Year Group from Year 1 through to Year 5 and 3 children from Year 6.


Every year the councillors are voted for by their peers and they meet together every 6 weeks and discuss many things including how to improve our learning and school environment.


At Rodmersham we are members of the Smart Schools Council Community.  This model allows every child to be a member of the School Council and to have a voice in the way Rodmersham is run for them.  Joseph, our Head Boy, and Maddie, our Head Girl, run the school council but give each class a question to consider every 2- 3 weeks. The question currently up for discussion is "Where shall we go for our whole school trip?"


Watch this space to find out what the children suggested and for further questions.


You can find out more about the Smart Schools Council Community by clicking the link below.