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Mrs Lodge - Class 5 Teacher

Mrs Lodge does cross crunchy, and I like cross crunchy because it is good exercise and we run in the orchard. She likes making us run in the orchard because she says it gives us a challenge. It makes me fit and I love it. her favourite things to do is running. She has blonde hair, as blonde as the sun. She works in Class 5. 
Joseph Year 2

Welcome to our class

Class 5 aims to provide a happy and positive experience of childhood and a rich all-round education that inspires academic achievement.

In the classroom and beyond our children are encouraged to discover and explore whatever aptitudes and interests they may have and this, together with the School’s positive ethos,  encourages the development of confidence and a sense of self-worth and personal achievement. We make sure everyone "finds their feet and follows their dreams".

In Class 5 children are taught in ability sets for Mathematics. However, this might change on a daily basis, depending on the Maths topic we are focusing on. In other subjects pupils are taught in mixed ability groups and work is differentiated to cater for individual needs. There is an extension programme for those who need an extra challenge and learning support is available for children who need a boost.

The Class 5 curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and although a significant emphasis is placed on Mathematics, English and Science, plenty of time is also allocated to other subjects such as History, Geography, Religious Studies, Music, Spanish, Computing, Games, PE, Art and Technology. In addition, the children will be attending Forest School for a term. Children’s academic progress is carefully monitored throughout the year.

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