Class 2

Say hello to your teacher...

Miss Ibrahim - Class 2 Teacher

Miss Ibrahim is a very very nice woman. SSSHHH! She isn't very strict. Miss Ibrahim teaches Class 2. She is quite tall and she always wears nice clothes. Miss Ibrahim is a good teacher and her first name is Amy. She went to Highsted Grammar School and she wears black glasses. Her hair colour is blonde brown and long and her glasses are as black as a black sky. She loves doing Maths and she is friendly.

Caityln - Year 2

Welcome to our class

In Class 2, academic skills are developed through carefully planned schemes of work which follow and extend beyond both the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum. 

We have 5 key objectives which underpin our main philosophy:

·         Putting numeracy and literacy at the heart of our learning

·         Encouraging a lifelong love of learning and developing a child’s imagination, creativity and sensitivity

·         Fostering self-esteem, self-discipline and self-confidence

·         Identifying individual needs and developing potential

·         Helping each child to be self-aware and, through this awareness, to respect and to work amicably with others

All children enjoy learning with our topic based approach which discreetly encompasses many areas of the curriculum. English and Mathematics are timetabled daily to ensure a continuity of progress.

Reading is of prime importance at Rodmersham. The children enjoy daily reading and phonic activities and are encouraged to take books of a variety of genres home to share with their parents. In this way, we hope to create not only fluent readers but also a love of reading. In Class 2 we follow the Letters and Sounds program for phonics, continuing on from where the children are up to in phonics in Year R. Find out more about it here.

Having the confidence to speak and perform in front of an audience is an excellent skill to acquire. Children start by participating in ‘show and tell’ sessions in class and then progress to school assemblies, plays etc.