Class 1

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Mrs Cooper - Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Cooper is kind, caring and nice and keeps you safe. She is comfy and cuddly. Sometimes she has glasses on. She has 3 kids and a husband she makes me laugh. Her hair is as brown as a muddy puddle! Her job is to teach Year R and she has a pet cat. She has been here for a long time and she loves teaching and being with her family.

Freya - Year 2

Welcome to our class

Rodmershams Reception Year/Class 1 is a very distinctive place where children are happy to arrive at their classroom each morning to share their news with their teacher, to see their friends and to start the day with a wealth of creative possibilities and challenges.

Our aim is to give our Reception/Class 1 children a broad based, positive and happy start to their education, and then send them on to the next part of their journey with a strong academic grounding and a clear moral and social understanding.

We feel that if children are happy and feel secure in a stimulating and active environment, they are more likely to embrace the challenges ahead.  In Class 1 we follow the Letters and Sounds program, starting with Phase 1. Find out more about it here.

We strive to give our children the confidence to discover, enjoy and use their talents which is an essential part of developing independence and we actively encourage parents to share our aims, to participate in school life and to work with us as partners in their children’s education.

A spirit of friendship, consideration for others, self-discipline, honesty and a desire to learn is at the heart of our school and we endeavour to help children to extend this spirit to the wider community.

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